Vehicle Wrapping Key Information

BMW E90 Arlon Daytona Blue Wrap

Why is car wrapping so expensive?

Well car wraps are still a fairly new market, with huge amounts still being learnt by the industry and service providers on a daily basis. As the industry grows, we anticipate prices will begin to fall as competition between wrappers grows, competition between vinyl manufacturers grows and manufacturing costs reduce. Something that must be avoided in the industry is the need to have the cheapest possible price in order to have your vehicle wrapped. Quality is essential and for the SA car wrapping market to sustain its industry leading growth, the level of skill and technique required to wrap a car properly must be maintained and improved upon at all times.

The main costs associated with a car wrap are materials and the time it takes a skilled wrapper to complete the project. There are obviously other considerations like wrapper insurance, overnight secure parking/storage and location. It is very much a case of ‘You get what you pay for…’ where we recommend that a fair price is usually a better option than just the cheapest price on offer. Our calculator reflects quality, but does also allow for the cheapest possible price option, if this is really a required consideration for your project.

Vehicle Wrapping Key Information

How long does a car wrap take?

Quality wrappers will look to spend a lot of time with your vehicle, ensuring they make the best of their job, take car of the vehicle whilst it is worked on and leave it looking better than ever when it leaves. This can take anything from 3 days to a full week or even more. Don’t be concerned with the time the car is required if the price is affordable for you, it will most likely mean you are getting a premium service.

3M Colour Swatch

The best vinyl wrap materials cost more

In the car wrap industry, materials are key and are really the most important factor when considering a vinyl wrap. Any money you pay out for a job to be carried out will be lost if the wrap and materials fail. Many of the best vinyl manufacturers offer warranties on their materials if installed by accredited wrappers, which basically means they have passed a course to work those materials. Using any material outside of the major manufacturer brands is a risk, both to a failed wrap and to the paintwork of the vehicle. Look out for, and request use of, the following material manufacturers for any wrap you may get done.

1. 3M

2. Avery

3. Hexis

4. Arlon

5. GraffiWrap

Car wrap warranties & supplier insurance

Many material manufacturers offer warranties on the materials, but you should look to take a warranty directly from the wrapper for a certain period of time after a wrap is complete. Most wraps are completed with a 5-7 year life span, with colour fading and adhesive lifespans optimised for these time periods. Discuss any concerns with us when you receive a quote.

Make sure your wrap supplier is insured to drive, store and work on your car (up to a particular value of usually around R2,000,000) along with insurance against any negligence during the car wrapping process and full liability insurance.

Things to consider before your car wrap

Can paintwork damage be wrapped?

The below can be a concern for wrappers before carrying out any wrap work on your vehicle. If there is paint damage or repaired paint damage, this may cause problems at time of car wrap removal. Although car wraps are designed to be easy to remove, they are also designed to last and be durable throughout their lifespan. When removed from a vehicle that no longer has original manufacturer paintwork or OEM quality paintwork, there is the potential that paint may lift and be removed with the wrap. Please discuss any existing damage with suppliers once you are discussing your quotes.

1. Stone chips

2. Bodywork damage

3. Resprayed vehicles

4. Post accident vehicles

Wrap Care

How to care for a car wrap

Having invested heavily in a quality car wrap, you will likely want to care for it in the right way. Generally most wraps can be treated just like paintwork, with careful cleaning and waxing processes still possible and good care will lengthen the life of your wrap in the same way paintwork is maintained.

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