Dear Valued Customer,

It is unfortunate that we have to inform you that we will be increasing our prices. The price increase will be effective from the 1st of May 2017. You will have noticed that we had held these off for as long as possible and have negotiated tirelessly with our suppliers, exhausting all means to ensure we keep the increase to the bare minimum. Locally, the rising costs of materials, electricity, transport and labour continues to go up and we find ourselves having to follow suite to survive in this struggling economy which affects all of our businesses.

As a result, we have managed to curb many of the increases from our suppliers and therefore are not going to put through an overall, across the board price increase. Price increases will vary depending on supplier. There are a few items which will be as little as 3% and a couple at 10%. The average of the majority of the other products will be around 6% and 7%. It is for this reason that we will not be sending out a new price list for 2017, but ask that when placing orders a price is requested as the previous price list will no longer be valid.

These prices will be subject to change if there is a greater than 5% movement in the Exchange rate currently at R12.50 to the US Dollar.

We are pleased that we have been able to hold our prices down and look forward to your continued patronage and thank you for your understanding.

Yours Sincerely

GFX Design Team

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