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Here at GFX Design we offer two of the primary forms of media printing options; Digital and Litho Printing. Each have their own place in the market and work hand-in-hand to cover all the printing needs that may arise. Digital supports high quality, fast and very versatile substrate print for use across a huge range of applications. Litho is more suited for high volume printing such as business cards, fliers, calendars and catalogue books.

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Lithographic printing is from a stone (lithographic limestone) or a metal plate with a smooth surface. It was invented in 1796 by German author and actor Alois Senefelder as a cheap method of publishing theatrical works. Lithography can be used to print text or artwork onto paper or other suitable material.

Business Cards


*Artwork charged at R250 per hour on all business card designs for orders below 500.

Litho Fliers


Digital Fliers

Super Fast Turnaround time. Artwork Charges apply.
*Artwork charged at R250 per hour on all flyer designs for orders below 1000.
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The greatest difference between digital printing and traditional methods such as lithography, flexography,gravure, or letterpress is that there is no need to replace printing plates in digital, whereas in analog (litho) the plates are repeatedly replaced. This results in quicker turnaround time and lower cost when using digital, but typically a loss of some fine-image detail by most commercial digital printing processes. The most popular methods include inkjet or laser printers that deposit pigment or toner onto a wide variety of substrates including paper, photo paper, canvas, glass, metal, marble, and other substances.

For example

Need to wrap your car with mobile branding? – Print on Cast or Vehicle Grade films (see our Vehicle wrapping page for more info)

Need a huge billboard banner? Our heavy duty PVC Banner will do the job perfectly. We’re able to print at 3.2 meters in width, more than enough to cover almost any frame or billboard.

Want to add a new signboard outside your place of work? Digital White Vinyl with a Clear UV Lamination (For Sun Damage Protection) will give you exactly what you are looking for!

Do you have a family portrait or wedding picture (or even an stunning wildlife photo you took one your last trip to the Kruger) and you’d love to get it printed on Canvas and stretched over a box frame? We can build the frame, print your canvas AND stretch it over the custom sized frame for you!

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