Some of our Latest Portfolio Work. Head over to our Facebook page for more: GFX Design


3M Gloss Green Envy full vehicle wrap. All chrome trim and beading wrapped in gloss black. Rim PlastiWrap coated in matte black. Headlights and taillights tinting.

Avery Matte Red Metallic Cherry

I have to start off with saying that In over 10 years of wrapping cars, I have never received a car wrapped the way this on was wrapped. Completely the wrong grade of film for the car and embarrassing workmanship. Glad to say she turned out perfectly after leaving our offices.


Got this design from Maputo. we spiced it up a little and this is the result. what do you guys think?

Kaizer Twist

@[651613518:2048:Daniel Cardoso]'s M135 coupe is about to get the colour squeeezzd out of it! Full Arlon Matte Steel Wrap. Matte Black Roof and additional detailing. LaminX headlights and taillights. Matte Black PlastiWrapped Rims. Rim repairs done by MagTech Wadeville.


No Description needed. This one of the hottest cars to come through our doors!

Martins Motorsport C63 AMG

387Kw, 727Nm Beast Wrapped in Matte Black by GFX Design. What a beauty! Mapping and performance tuning done by Martins Motorsport.

The Demitri Way

Black Ford ST pre-facelift. We will be wrapping the bonnet, roof and rear spoiler in 3M Carbon Fibre. The front as you see n the design will either be done in Gun Metal metallic or deep grey vinyl.

Brushed Steel Metallic Wrap

Beautiful S-line Audi A4 Wrapped in 3M brushed steel metallic film with gloss black roof and trim detailing.

The Daytona Blue ///M

Daytona Blue Arlon Metallic pearl blue and Panoramic Black roof wrapped E90 M3. Originally wanted to do this in an Electric Lime with gloss black top half, but Factory looks are never a bad decision.

Hot Stuff - Farren 135i

When Farren took her BMW to Alberante BMW to get repaired after a side swipe, she has no idea what she was getting herself into. GFX was contacted and asked to quote on re-wrapping this 135i Beast. Designs were thrown around by Farren, the owner and our designer, Ty.

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