Vehicle wraps and graphics are a fresh way for all sorts of businesses including those with a fleet of vehicles to advertise and many marketing experts and graphic designers utilize vehicle templates to create these stunning designs. As a two dimensional object, car wrap templates can present a challenge because they lack depth but for experts in the auto wraps industry, this challenge can be easily overcome with experience and the right tools.

Experience Matters

Vehicle templates are considered a good starting point for vehicle wrap design and there are thousands of these templates for virtually every year, make and model. Because they are a 1/20th scale two-dimensional representation of a vehicle form, it’s important the designer keeps in mind that vehicles are three dimensional, meaning curves, body moldings, fenders and front bumper cutouts often require hands on experience and accurate measurements in order for the auto wrap design to be completed accurately.

While each template does effectively offer a representation of the vehicle’s sides, top, front and rear, graphic designers who aren’t experts in the “challenging” areas may find it best to partner with a business that specializes in designing, printing and installing vehicle wraps. At GFX Design we are always happy to offer our design services to graphic designers. In fact, we have offered our wholesale vehicle wrap design, printing and installation services to many graphic designers including walking them through the process to help turn their auto wraps designs into stunning achievements—and what designer doesn’t want to look like a superstar to their clients?

With that said, what about other questions graphic designers may have on vehicle templates such as where to get them and the best design software to use?

Finding Templates

Some of the best places to find templates for auto wraps include:

Art Station Vehicle Templates – Here you can purchase a package that includes over 5,000 templates of the most popular vehicle makes and models or you can purchase individual templates you need for the job at hand.

Pro Vehicle Outlines – This company offers a variety of packages including both six and twelve month subscriptions where you can find over 9,000 vehicle templates. You can also purchase templates only when you need them.

Mr. Clip Art – This auto template organization offers an annual subscription or you can purchase templates individually.

All of the companies above also offer great tools such as video tutorials, tips and tricks and FAQ sections to help designers understand the world of three-dimensional auto wrap design.

The Best Software

Obtaining vehicle templates is probably the easiest step of the design process. Those new to auto wrap design will need to make a choice on which software to use for their digital design creations.

At GFX Design we utilize Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and Flexisign Pro. CorelDraw is a vector based program and that means you’ll have the ability to scale your design without losing clarity.

Graphic designers use all sorts of popular design software, however, you will want to ensure your software will get the job done easily and isn’t too time consuming.

Tips to Success

Even with the right templates and great design software, if you’ve never designed vehicle wraps before, it will take some trial and error. This is why it’s important you learn all you can before you begin.

Measure and Measure Again – As stated earlier, vehicle templates are two-dimensional so to ensure accuracy, you must measure every nook and cranny of the vehicle in order to create an accurate design. Today’s automakers also manufacture many variations of models with different design elements, so even if you have the base model template, you will still have to account for style elements and this is why measuring is so important. In addition, older model vehicles may have elements not contained in the templates you purchased meaning again, measurement is key.

Utilize Experts

Because vehicle wraps have become so popular especially for businesses who want to turn their company vehicles into 24/7 moving billboard advertisements, if you have such a client, it may be best to turn to the experts in vehicle wrap design.

This is why GFX Design offers wholesale to the trade services to graphic designers and marketing and advertising agencies that don’t have the years of experience we do. Our goal is not to take over your project but be your partner in the background.

Our wholesale design services are exceptional because not only can we deliver awesome designs using vehicle templates or creating custom templates, we ask the right questions before we begin the job. Our vehicle wrap design consultation ensures your client’s goals are met because we partner with you the correct way by learning first as much as we can about initial wants and needs and final outcomes. We also pride ourselves in expert project management skills and are able to meet your deadlines. In addition, we also offer wholesale printing and installations services to graphic designers who need them.

All graphic designers are passionate about their artwork no matter what the task. We hope these tips on using vehicle templates to design vehicle wraps will aid you in your artwork adventures but also want to express we are here for you if you need advice or guidance.

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